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Proofreading service

UK proofreading services ! Fully excelled and experience assistance by native English experts

formatting service

Document, eBook formatting services ! A perfect style means a perfect worth

Substantive editing service

Developmental and comprehensive editing by highly qualified PhD experts ! Guaranteed results

technical editing service

An overall editing to improve technical sections of document by highly qualified PhD expert in relevant field

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Pioneer Papers UK has the most experienced set of editors and proofreaders with professional expertise, who are habituated to edit and format all types of contents of different standard and different usability

Proofreading Service

Substantive Editing Service

Technical Editing Service

Frequently asked questions

When you have your manuscript edited by Pioneer Papers, it’s subject to what’s called the Pioneer Papers Promise. This guarantees that a manuscript edited by us will never be rejected on the basis of poor language. On a rare occasion if rejection occurs, we will take full responsibility of re-editing the paper for resubmission at no additional cost.

Editors at Pioneer Papers are selected using a very stringent review process:

Qualified: Only experienced editors are hired. Every editor is a PhD/Master’s holder. They’ve undergone extensive training and are consistently subjected to performance reviews.

Native English Speakers: Our editors are exclusively hired from native English-speaking countries like UK, US, Canada and Australia. This ensures accuracy and consistency of language while ensuring faster delivery times.

Experienced: All our editors have extensive experience working with international publications and are qualified peer-reviewers. They understand exactly what it takes to help authors achieve publishing success and recognition in high impact, relevant journals.

Certificate of editing provided by Pioneer Papers stands as a proof that your research paper has been reviewed by an editing professional, native English speaker.

Yes, you get a certificate of editing if your manuscript is edited by Pioneer Papers. Pioneer Papers offers only 2 editing services – substantive editing and technical editing. Certificate of editing is a component of both these services, which take proofreading into account.

We edit documents for both academic and business clients. Businesses use our highly qualified proofreaders to edit emails and other outgoing correspondence. Our business editing services are available for websites, emails, memos, proposals, grants, sales contracts, brochures, and other formal business documents.

We help academic clients produce their best written work while teaching them how to convey ideas succinctly. Our professional editors proofread dissertations, master’s theses, term papers, assignments, and admissions essays.

Located in the UK, Pioneer Papers is the leading professional dissertation help provider and the trusted name for the editors. Contact Us

Our clients say

"I am very satisfied with the service provided by pioneer Papers. First: I got reasonable discount. Second: they are committed to the date of delivering the service. Third, which is the most important one is the high quality of the service they provided to me such that I do not chase behind them to get the work done or to get the needed deliverables and documents. I tried with them proofreading service. It is first time I got a copy with log of all changes which is a positive point. Although I dealt with others for same service, no one before had provided such document. In addition they provided the certificate of the proofreading along with the reviewed document in the same email. I am looking to continue benefitting from their high quality services and I highly recommend them.
Fahm khareq
Assistant Professor
"I got proofreading service from pioneer papers and apart from quality service, their affordable pricing force me to work with them again and again"
Manuela detou
"I really recommend the technical editing service of pioneer papers. The editors edit my paper and they perfectly removed all errors which was preventing its acceptance. Thank you to the editors of pioneer papers"
michaela hickey
"Pioneer papers provided me substantive editing service and I am very much satisfied with the editing they have done. My document has a lot of English language errors and many flaws were there, but thanks to pioneer papers, they edited the document and make it look very good."
claudia di gianfrancesco

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